Jiangmen Lihao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in early 2010, New Star Chemical is committed to environmental protection surface treatment to cooperate with cleaner production. In early 2018, Jiangmen Lihao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The company specializes in providing surface treatment technology, developing, producing and selling environmental protection materials, chemical products and raw materials related to surface treatment. We can provide customers with the whole plant design, electroplating and spraying process layout, technical consulting, raw material supply and other services.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification.

The company's business scope includes copper alloy electroplating products, aluminum alloy electroplating products, zinc alloy electroplating products, iron material electroplating products and plastic electroplating products. It covers the fields of hardware bathroom, automobile and motorcycle with electric vehicles, lighting, locks, LED, oil exploration, aerospace, military and new energy. The plating involves acid copper, alkali copper, cyanide free copper, multi-layer nickel, chemical nickel, decorative chromium, hard chromium, precious metal, zinc plating, etc., as well as the pre and post treatment of various base materials, such as wax removal, oil removal, rust removal and cleaning, phosphating, pottery, silane treatment, stripping, hanging back, protection, etc.

Many senior professionals in the surface treatment industry of the company are dedicated to providing you with excellent products and high-quality services for the purpose of providing customers with more appropriate technology, better quality and lower cost consumption.